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Sweeties Desserts

  • Address: 3321 Route 11 LaFayette, NY 13084
  • Phone: (315) 492-4788
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Indulge in the finest homemade, and handmade desserts available. At Sweeties we create all of our Desserts by hand allowing you to experience a truly awesome dessert. Sweeties was started in 1996 with the idea to create the best homemade desserts that we could make.  As we begin our 15th year we still stand behind our original beliefs.We use only the freshest and the finest ingrediants when creating our desserts.  We use tried and true recipes to make desserts that will remind you of the desserts that your grandma used to make. We also are always trying new ways to increase your selections of desserts and ice cream flavors. So please check in often, enjoy, and remember to eat dessert first!