Visit Syracuse shares the concern about the coronavirus and the questions this challenge presents. The health and well-being of the public is a top priority. Given the gravity of this public health concern it is best to be guided by expert information, grounded in scientific and medical data, and sourced from public health and government authorities. We encourage everyone to seek information through recognized sources such as the CDC and the World Health Organization.


Locally, the Onondaga County Health Department is extremely well versed in the virus. We will continue to follow the lead of Onondaga County Executive J. Ryan McMahon II, as he states:  “As we practice individual common-sense precautions and develop community-wide preparedness plans, business operations should continue in Onondaga County. If we do face an outbreak, public health officials and community leaders will provide clear and timely information to the public to help slow the spread of COVID-19."


On our OnCenter Campus, the staff is closely monitoring the situation. Enhanced sanitation measures are in place, especially in high traffic and high touch areas. Hand wash venues are abundant throughout the center. Their staff is also being supported by ASM Global corporate resources to ensure that they implement operational best practices throughout the network of facilities.


We encourage following the best-health recommendations that are similar to the prevention of the seasonal flu. Some of those measures include washing hands often, avoiding close contact, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home if sick. Visit Syracuse is in constant contact with our upcoming groups/events, and will keep everyone posted with developments as they arise.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or your venues and hotels with any questions or concerns.


Visit Syracuse continues to promote our great destination. We are dedicated to ensure that all of our guests know we are an informed, safe, and welcoming place to visit.



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