Is the new norm of the world running your batteries on low? The stress of juggling your new career as a teacher, chef and therapist during this pandemic exhausting you? Are you adapting, while learning to work by virtual conversations with slim to no social interaction? It’s no surprise that mindfulness is on the back burner of priorities during a time like this! In times of crisis, it’s more essential than ever to remember the importance of mental health. Whether it be investing an hour a day lounging in your favorite chair sipping tea, or working up a sweat during a virtual fitness class, here’s the lowdown on making your mental health matter.


“When the world is grey, look for the color.”

Remember how carefree it was to color outside the lines? Coloring as an adult has been proven to ease anxiety while allowing you to reconcile emotional conflicts. Whether it be on your deck or at your kitchen table, unplug from technology and allow your creative juices to flow.

Need some necessities to start? Local artist Issac Bidwell has created downloadable coloring books, free of charge! Check out Drooz and Company’s variety of colored pencils markers, signed sealed and delivered to your front door.


“ plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow."

...stated the famous Audrey Hepburn. As the weather begins to break and the sun reminds us of a positive tomorrow, now is the perfect time to bloom. Take some time away from your new normal routine and celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22nd.  Having (or learning to have) a green thumb allows us to increase our creativity and self-esteem, while exhaling symptoms of anxiety and depression. Check out Chuck Hafners weekly video tips on gardening, while picking up your must have seedlings, curbside!  


“You are only one workout away from a good mood.”

If you could boost your confidence and serotonin levels, while diminishing your inner critics, would you? We all feel your pain when it comes to motivation, especially while stuck at home. On the flip side, working out at home allows you to be in judgement free zone! Regardless of your pace or level of experience, no one is watching you try out that new yoga stretch or ab workout (except, maybe your dog.) Use this time to virtually uplift your spirits!  Cardio more your style? Check out Aspen Athletics virtual workouts.  Does your downward dog need some work? Syracuse Yoga is offering virtual yoga and barre classes. A happier, more confident you is just a click away.


“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.”

Lets cook, Syracuse! While safe in our homes, why not bring some color and flavor into our everyday meals? Are you a lover of local content or more of a Food Network fanatic? Check out both options!

 Cook with a local pro, Michelle Belso on Facebook, at Let's Cook, Syracuse! Complete delicious family friendly recipes in under 30 minutes while virtually being coached. You’ll be adding top chef to your resume soon enough. Still craving more? Head over to Master Class and receive all access to foodies recipes like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller. During COVID-19, Masterclass is offering buy one, share one memberships. Spread the love!


While our days at home turn into weeks, remember “hope is the ability to see the light despite all the darkness.” We can’t wait to see you on the sunny side of Syracuse, soon.