Looking to catch scenes of Syracuse on your screen at home but don't know where to stream? We've made a cheat sheet for where you can find movies that include scenes shot within our own backyard. 


Slap Shot (1977)- Starz/ VOD (Video on Demand)

This comedy film depicts a failing ice hockey team that turns to violent entertaining play to gain popularity. 

The Express (2008)- Starz/ VOD

This film based on a true story pays homage to Ernie Davis and his experiences leading up to becoming the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.

Adult World (2013)- IFC Films/ VOD

A naive graduate (played by Emma Watson) accepts a job in a shop while she seeks out a mentorship with a reclusive writer in order to pursue her own poetry dreams.

The Paper Store (2016)- VOD/ Amazon VOD

This revenge story is centered around a former college student who forges essays for cash, a client who becomes her lover and the professor who catches onto their scheme.

Mohawk (2017)- Netflix

A young Mohawk woman and her two lovers go against a group of American soldiers at the tail end of the war of 1812. 

Pottersville (2017)- Netflix

An inebriated appearance of a local man in a gorilla suit turns a town into a media frenzy but in turn rakes in the tourism dollars.

American Dresser (2018)- VOD/ Amazon VOD

A widower tries to escape confronting his past mistakes and regrets by motorcycling cross-country, only to learn that life is about moving forward.

We The Animals (2018)- Netflix

This film tells the tale of three brothers growing up in the same environment of volatile love between their parents and the impact it has on each of them.

Asher (2018)- VOD/ Amazon VOD

An aging hitman's life takes a turn after he meets a love interest right before a mark is put on his death. 

The Mountain (2018)- VOD/ Amazon VOD

A motherless young man takes a job documenting the practices of a lobotomist while grieving the loss of his father.

Holly Slept Over (2020)- VOD/ Amazon VOD

The lives of a married couple struggling to conceive are shaken up when an old college roommate comes to visit.

Big Time Adolescence (2020)- Hulu

A coming-of-age comedy featuring a teenager under the guidance of an aimless college dropout. 

Banana Split (2020) - Netflix & Amazon Prime

Over the course of a summer, two teenage girls develop the perfect kindred spirit friendship, with one big problem: one of them is dating the other's ex.

The Binge (2020) - Hulu 

Set in a time where all drugs and alcohol are illegal, the only day anyone can participate in the "fun" is on Binge Day.

Odd Man Rush (2020) - VOD & Amazon Prime

When Harvard hockey's Bobby Sanders lands in Sweden's minor leagues, his relationship with the girl at the local market forces him to confront the reality of his childhood NHL dream before the Hockey Gods intervene.

The Night House (2020) - HBO Max & Amazon Prime

A widow begins to cover her recently deceased husband’s disturbing secrets.

If Looks Could Kill (2020) - Amazon Prime

The story of a teenage boy who deals with the ups and down of being lethally attractive.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (2021)- Hulu

An audio-obsessed high school senior sets off to record the Ultimate Playlist of Noise after learning he must undergo brain surgery that will render him deaf.

Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman (2021) - Apple TV & Amazon Prime

The story of the rise, fall and eventual resurrection of the legacy of furniture designer, architect and early lifestyle entrepreneur Gustav Stickley. Stickley, a Syracuse history icon, is known to be the founder of the first true "American style."

Paper Spiders (2021) - Amazon Prime

A bittersweet story about coming of age in the shadow of mental illness. This story follows the relationship of a daughter and mother.  

Plan B (2021) - Hulu

A movie that follows a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend who, after a regrettable first sexual encounter, have 24 hours to hunt down the plan B pill in rural South Dakota.

Sex Appeal (2022) - Hulu

This story follows Avery, a teenager with a tendency towards perfectionism, enlists her friend Larson to help her prepare for her first time with her long-distance boyfriend.

Crush (2022) - Hulu

A coming-of-age story of a young artist who joins her high school track team and later discovers what real love feels like when she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate.

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I love my Dad (2022) - To Streaming

A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect.


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