Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a madcap comedy spoof of Sherlock Holmes’ most famous case. Arthur Conan Doyle’s frightening tale is transformed into a fast-paced, murderously delightful, comedy thriller as five actors take on a multitude of roles, including the famous sleuth and Dr. Watson. 

Now it's your chance to do your thing and play detective-- Here are your clues for the Sherlock Happy Hour Scavenger Hunt (check back daily for more updates) :

Clue #1:  Our mysTery starts witH an evEning drink.

#2 Only the elite and final participantS would be mad enough To go here

#3 Snow leopArds, and penGuins and wolves, oh my!

#4 Finding thE next clue Should be a walk in the park

#5 pop, Lock And drop it

#6 Green doesn’t only come before reD in the dictionarY.

#7 You should have no reservatIons about checkiNg in here.

#8 BReak out the lawn furniturE anD listen to some tunes.