Greater Syracuse Hospitality & Tourism Association

The Greater Syracuse Hospitality & Tourism Association was established over 50 years ago to promote and protect the mutual interest and welfare of all Hotel and Motel operators of the Central New York area.   By definition, a trade association is formed to provide a vehicle for interaction between individuals and/or companies.  It provides for the legal interchange of ideas and information relating to the hotel/motel business.  These include legislation, employment, labor relations, taxation, and other matters of public interest.  In general, the Association shall engage in any lawful activity, which will enhance the economic progress of the hotel/motel business.


Through monthly meetings guest speakers of mutual interest to all owners and operators are invited to speak on various topics relating to the industry.  It gives allied members the opportunity to meet the owners and managers of the properties in a social atmosphere.


The association is actively involved with Visit Syracuse and Centerstate CEO to promote conventions and tourism.  We are also involved with local and state legislators and keep members informed on legislative laws that will have an effect on the industry as a whole.



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