Finger Lakes Railway Corp.


The Finger Lakes Railway is offering a weekday commuter service through Ontario County as a new type of passenger service in addition to the many weekend passenger excursions. What makes commuter service different? It gives passengers a unique way to visit the local communities to do some shopping, visit friends, run some errands, or just explore the region. How does it work? --- Each Wednesday the train will leave Geneva and head to Canandaigua. There will be whistle stops in Phelps, Clifton Springs, and Shortsville, along the way. You can get on or off the train at any of the whistle stop locations along the route. Or you can choose to stay onboard until the train arrives in Canandaigua for a 2-hour layover. With a 2pm departure from Canandaigua, the train will return passengers to their original boaring location. But be aware, there is NO return service to points west of Geneva for those beginning the trip on the afternoon eastbound run.