G. Geoffrey Lindemer

  • Address: 5786 Widewaters Pkwy. DeWitt, NY 13214
  • Phone: (315) 449-2858

Geoff Lindemer has more than 25 years experience in domestic and international finance and management. In addition to working with companies and banks domestically, Geoff has lived and worked in 8 countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union leading business development and reform projects in emerging market countries. He has gained a unique perspective of the complex issues affecting global economic, political and cultural changes taking place around the world today. Geoff managed Central Asia Accounting Reform in Kyrgyzstan, audited the state pension fund in Uzbekistan, been a commercial lender in Bosnia-Herzegovina and performed business planning in Kazakstan and Bulgaria. He also led training courses in International Accounting Standards (IAS) and conversion from soviet accounting to IAS, as well as budgeting and bank internal audit courses in Armenia, Georgia and Russia, among other domestic training programs.