Mad Burger


The first ghost kitchen has arrived in Syracuse and it looks to have no means of ghosting us anytime soon! Ghost kitchens, for those wondering are essentially restaurants who are delivery-only, there is no actual dining space. Not to worry, we have a fully functioning kitchen to bring out all the stops and dish out our unique hamburger creations. Mad Burger Co. popped onto the Syracuse restaurant scene March 19th and sold out in our first night! How could we not sell out when we're dishing out burgers with falafel + hummus, fried cheese curd + bacon jam, and even balsamic onion jam and creamy brie. Take one look at our menu and your mouth will water like a waterfall. You can find Mad Burger Co. on Grubhub and DoorDash for delivery in and around Syracuse and YES, we will be adding our delivery service in the near future and offering direct ordering and delivery.