Shako:wi Cultural Center


A hand-crafted white pine log building on Oneida Nation Homelands, the Shako:wi Cultural Center helps guests experience thousands of years of Oneida history, from the key role they played as allies of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War to the current day, as the Oneida people have worked to revitalize their community and regain control of more than 13,000 acres of ancestral Oneida homelands – more than they have had since 1824. Explore the depths of Oneida tradition and culture. Feel the power of Wampum – a sacred beaded substance, used to fashion belts and gauntlets, with a healing presence meant to sanctify agreements and traditions. Absorb and marvel at the craftsmanship involved in creating lacrosse sticks by hand. These are but some of the relics and mementos that span the Oneida lifetime and that are on display at the Shako:wi Cultural Center.