The Baggage Butler


Through the years we have listened to friends, family and colleagues complain about the frustrations of traveling with luggage. Why pay the airlines more money, to stand in more lines, wasting more time at the airport? How can something as simple as checking bags and retrieving them at the carousel, turn into lost luggage, stolen property and an invasion of privacy. The Baggage Butler provides exceptional luggage concierge services. As your personal luggage service, we take the worry out of travel. With The Baggage Butler's door to door luggage transportation service your bags are picked up at home or at the office and shipped directly to your final destination. NO TSA ... NO BAGGAGE CAROUSEL ... Off the plane and on to your destination. Now travel can be hassle free AND affordable. Isn't it time your bags waited for you instead of you waiting for your bags? Although The Baggage Butler was created with the traveler in mind, we aren't limited to just luggage and golf clubs. We ship anything from documents and office equipment to bicycles, baby gear and holiday gifts. We ship it all! PAMPER YOURSELF AND YOUR LUGGAGE - YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!