The Syracuse area is home to multiple Qualified Production Facilities, offering several options for filming within a safe, closed studio setting. The Greater Syracuse Soundstage is home to the area's largest open space _________. The Redhouse Arts Center is home to both live studio productions as well as three flexible theater spaces. The Oncenter complex is also available on a limited basis for qualified productions.


The Greater Syracuse Soundstage

  • Over ______ square feet of production space

  • Multiple meeting spaces as well as private work spaces for production or post-production needs

The Redhouse Arts Center

  • State of the art, 40,000 square foot, venue offers multiple theater spaces as well as expansive support spaces. 
  • Three flexible theater spaces ranging in size from more than 8,000 square feet to  approximately 2,000 square feet.
  • Dedicated rehearsal rooms and dressing rooms
  • Features a scene shop, costume shop and stock props/prop house
  • Additional meeting spaces, private work spaces, conference space and greenroom available


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The Oncenter