Syracuse Meeting Services

Visit Syracuse prides itself on consistently providing customized complimentary service for each and every event. Our experienced team is always at your service and will guide you through the process of planning and will be here to help you welcome your attendees to the area resulting in the best possible total experience. 

Complimentary Services Included:

*Denotes limited quantity

RFP & Site Selection

  • Comprehensive Accommodation & Venue Proposals
  • Customized Presentations
  • Site Visit Coordination

Destination Resources

  • Trusted Service Referrals
  • Attendance Building
  • Offsite Event and Tour Suggestions
  • Shuttle Quotes
  • Liaison to Local Dignitaries
  • Registration Assistance
  • Names Badges*
  • Pre-Promotion Material


  • Liaison to Local Media
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Customized Welcome Signage
  • Print* and Online Visitor Information

On-Site Visitor Services

  • Destination Information Hub
  • Destination Expert