Concerts & Live Music

Experience the vibrant heartbeat of live music as it resonates across the sprawling landscape of Onondaga County! From the historic theaters steeped in tradition to the cozy bars pulsating with energy, the lush vineyards serenading guests with melodies, and the dynamic festival grounds alive with rhythm, Syracuse boasts a kaleidoscope of genres to suit every musical palate. Whether you're a lover of jazz, rock, blues, or something in between, our diverse array of venues ensures that every note finds its perfect audience amidst the symphony of possibilities in Syracuse and Onondaga County.

Where to Catch a Show

  • Landmark Theatre | Syracuse, NY
  • Empower Federal Credit Union amphitheater at Lakeview | Syracuse, NY
  • The Oncenter Civic Center Theaters | Syracuse, NY
  • Paper Mill Island | Baldwinsville, NY
  • Kegs Canal Side | Jordan, NY
  • Wonderland Forest | Lafayette, NY
  • The Wescott Theater | Syracuse, NY
  • The Lost Horizon | Syracuse, NY
  • The NYS Fairgrounds | Syracuse, NY
  • Clinton Square | Syracuse, NY
  • Hanover Square | Syracuse, NY

New York State Fairgrounds

Wonderland Forrest