Tipperary Hill

Syracuse has prominent Irish roots and it shows in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood. Visit the world's only Upside Down Traffic Light, which was a result of Irish immigrants taking to throwing stones at the "British red" on top until a law was passed allowing it to be reversed in 1928. Experience Green Beer Sunday where a tanker of green beer is led by a parade to Colemans Authentic Irish Pub to kick-off the start of the St. Patrick's season. This neighborhood is decked out with shamrocks and Irish pubs, making it a bucket list item for those looking to celebrate Ireland. Participate in the annual Shamrock Run where runners take to the hilly landscape, or celebrate St. Patrick's Day by catching live music and enjoying a Guinness at a pub. You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this neighborhood. Home to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and Burnet Park, Tipperary Hill has something for everyone to enjoy.


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