Strathmore + The South Side

Neighborhood vibes

Parks, pubs, and much-loved bodegas — the South Side of Syracuse boasts an impressive catalog of city parks, international cuisine, taverns, corner stores, and beautiful historic homes. Discover the serene beauty of the Strathmore neighborhood's spacious parks, complete with stunning skyline views of Downtown Syracuse, and get a taste of some soul thanks to the South Side's fantastic food options.


Best soul food
  • Chi' Soul Food is known for their smothered pork chops, fried chicken, baked mac and cheese and collard greens. The restaurant, which opened in early 2019, is the perfect stop for tasty take-out on the weekends, but give yourself extra time as the line is typically out the door. 

Best takeout
  • Get an authentic taste of Jamaica at the Jerk Hut on South Ave. in Syracuse. The oxtails are a fan favorite and the jerk chicken with fried plantains or Flava Wings are a must-try. 

Best place for pizza & pints
  • Head toward the Onondaga Hill neighborhood to the west of Strathmore and enjoy Kelley's Restaurant — a classic American tavern with fire grilled pizzas, draft beer, fresh burgers, riggies and more.


Best ways to get outside
  • In the heart of the Strathmore neighborhood is photogenic Onondaga Park — an idyllic 86-acre estate complete with a 352-person capacity swimming pool, playground, athletic fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, Firebarn, and stunning Hiawatha Lake.
  • Onondaga Park stretches from Strathmore into the South Side, where, crossing South Ave., hooks up to Kirk Park — a 33-acre landscape with a community center, nine-lane outdoor swimming pool, athletic fields and courts and a playground.
Best places for family fun
  • Nearby Elmwood Park is another gem in the Strathmore/Elmwood neighborhood; 65 acres of natural beauty with babbling brooks and tree-lined stone steps. Enjoy the athletic fields, playground and pack a picnic to enjoy with the family in the covered pavilion. 

Best place for a pint
  • Ask what landmark tavern to check out on the South Side and everyone will tell you Swallow's. An Elmwood neighborhood watering hole known for their chicken wings, Swallow's is on our list of the must-see old pubs of Syracuse.

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