Discover a few of the things to do and see that make the Syracuse area unique. From the only green-on-top stop light in the world to rare meromictic lakes and historical sites, you won’t want to miss any of these unique areas. We’ve also found some fun and unique things to do near each one!

E.M. Mills Rose Garden

Created to commemorate the service of Dr. E.M. Mills, president of the Syracuse Rose Society and American Rose Society, the Mills Rose Garden is home to more than 3,000 rose bushes of many unique varieties. Volunteers of the Syracuse Rose Society, the oldest rose society in continuous existence in the United States, maintain the garden year-round. A popular spot for weddings, located within Thornden Park, the garden is at peak in June and holds an annual Rose Day event.

Unique Find Nearby 

Check out the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. An annual event held in September, the Fair highlights the Westcott neighborhood that touches Thornden Park. Find cultural organizations, arts & crafts, food and family-friendly activities.


Tipperary Hill

Visit this popular city neighborhood and view the only existing “upside-down” traffic light in the world. The story goes that the predominately Irish neighborhood refused to allow British red over Irish green on the traffic light. In 1997 The Tipperary Hill Heritage Memorial Park was created with a statue erected to commemorate the Stone Throwers.

Unique Find Nearby

After checking out the traffic light and Park head out to one of the several authentically Irish pubs throughout the neighborhood. Coleman’s hosts their annual Green Beer Parade Day the last Sunday in February to kick off “St. Patrick’s Day Season”, stop by Blarney Stone and try their Blarney Burger, a local favorite, or have a pint at the oldest bar on Tipp Hill, Nibsy’s.


Green Lakes State Park

One of the most popular and photographed parks in the region, Green Lakes is home to two, rare, meromictic lakes. Remnants of the ice age, these lakes have a brilliant blue-green color due to the fact that their layers of water do not mix. 

Unique Find Nearby 

During the warmer months, enjoy a bite to eat and a breathtaking view of the park and it’s golf course, one of Robert H. Treman’s first, from Yards Grille.


Niagara Mohawk Building

Built in 1932, and made of glass and steel, this nationally recognized example of the Art Deco style is adorned with “The Spirit of Light,” a brilliant stainless-steel sculpture over the main entrance.

Unique Find Nearby

Discover the Onondaga Creekwalk, a 2.6 mile urban bicycle and pedestrian pathway connecting Armory Square in Downtown Syracuse to the southern shore of Onondaga Lake. A portion of the trail goes directly past the Niagara Mohawk building.


Tree of 40 Fruits

The Tree of 40 Fruit, located on the Syracuse University campus, is a true rarity. With only a dozen of its kind in existence, this tree is formerly named Tree number 75. As a professor at Syracuse University, Sam Van Aken created this hybridized tree by implementing the technique of grafting. Growing on the tree are, you guessed it, over 40 types of stone fruits.

Unique Find Nearby

Stout Beard Brewing Company has a Taproom tucked away on the outskirts of the Syracuse University campus. This local craft brew spot has a rotating tap list, offers local wines and even crafts up some unique cocktails. 


Landmark Theatre

Originally named Loew’s State Theater in 1928, this opulent venue has been preserved as one of the first great “Oriental-style” movie theaters and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Unique Find

This brand-new independent bookstore is the first to open in downtown Syracuse in the last 30 years and the wait has been worth it! Crafted with the book-lover in mind this large space features a café with fun drinks and locally sourced baked goods, a kids section, used books, souvenirs and comfortable seating throughout.