What better way to warm up during the winter months than with a cozy cocktail! Even better you can still get drinks to go from most bars and restaurants! Discover some of our favorite spots and themed drinks for the season as well as some non-alcoholic options.


Eastwood Brewing Company

Our Pick: Chocolate Raspberry Stout

Why We Love It: What’s better than chocolate, raspberry and beer together?


Gilded Club

Our Pick: A negroni

Why We Love It: umm, have you see the Tik Tok?


Three Lives Bar

Our Pick: The Cyndi Lauper

Why We Love it: Two words Pink + Bubblegum - it'll have you thinking of warmer times during the colder months

Also Try: The Terminator 


1911 Established 

Our Pick: Cranberry Hard Cider

Why We Love It: Hard cider with a fruity holiday twist.


Willow Rock Brewery

Our Pick: Brunch 

What’s In It: This beer is brunch in a cup, sure to leave you tasting maple syrup, recess coffee and delicious notes of your favorite breakfast sweets.

Also Try: Membeer Berries - a pretty purple and opaque, this hefeweizen is light and fruity while warming you up and keeping you relaxed!


Sweet on Chocolate 

Our Pick: Original Hot Chocolate

Also Try: Oreo Bark


Local 315 Brewing Company

Our Pick: Hockey Beer

Why We Love it: It's winter, it's hockey season, it's the perfect combo!

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