An exciting time of year is upon us in Onondaga County and Central New York. The Bald Eagles are back and flocking to Onondaga Lake before migrating to warmer climates. Whether you’re an avid birder, interested in seeing the country's national bird, or eager to get outside during the winter months then check out these top places to view Bald Eagles throughout Syracuse and Onondaga County.


Destiny USA

The south back parking lot of Destiny USA is known for it’s prime viewing location for the birds. The eagles tend to congregate near Onondaga County’s sewer treatment plant because the water stays warmer which attracts an array of fish including Gizzard Shad for the Eagles to feed on.


The Creek Walk

Those interested in catching a glimpse of the birds from another area should venture over to the very end of the creek walk of Onondaga Lake along the shore line. Here you’ll find an excuse for a nice winter walk with some awesome views. In past years viewers have counted up to 50+ bald eagles at one time!


The Pedestrian Bridge on Onondaga Lake Parkway

This bridge can be accessed from using the fairgrounds exit on 690 West (leaving the city). If you’re looking for a longer walk we suggest parking at the Boat Launch area near St. Joseph’s Amphitheater, however you can take the road down a bit farther where you’ll find a small lot and head towards the bridge on foot from there too.


There's plenty of time! The bald eagles will be here most likely through March, so grab your camera and your binoculars and check out these amazing aerie of eagles soon. Are you someone who takes awesome photos of the bald eagles or local nature around Syracuse, NY and Onondaga County?  Send your photos to for a chance to be featured!

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